I want to show you what I bought in July! I had the chance to go to Primark in Berlin and some of my orders from Ebay arrived. (Everything is pink and black btw...)

 Primark-Haul :3
Lucky me! Bought this from Hunkemöller for only 8 Euro *w*

 ALWAYS NUDDY-BBCream (THIS NAME!!) and Sugar Girl-Primer
Both are great for my skin!>w<
My ebaythingies! I aaaalways loved the Etoinette-series from Etude House and now I got these lipstick and another from Etude House *q*
Me in Berlin... It was hot as hell!

 My new wig for only 10 Euro :o
Makeup for Desis and Caros Birthday-Karaoke-Party!

Yesterday Simon and me met my beloved Caro. We went to Mandu for Lunch.
It was delicious and not as hot as the days before.

As always we had a "Lästerpitcher" at Pizza Hut and drank some yummy drinks at Starbucks. 
We talked and had fun for hoooours. I love our meets!;A; <3

After our "restauranthopping" we decided to make our way to H&M, Colloseum and Sixx to test our luck to find some items. And guess what!? I found something!xDD

Bought these! The nailpolishs colour is named "Sugardaddy"... I needed this because of reasons. (Right, Pummi?XDDDDD)

I hope you enjoyed this even it was only the things I bought. 

See you next time!:3