How are you? It's quite a long time that I updated my blog. I am so sorry!
At least I had some fun with my friends in this loong time and I went to Berlin in my holidays to visit my mother there. 

But first I have to tell you about my evening with Karaoke, Purikura and some food with Pummi, Sachi and Simon. 
 First we went (as always) to Takumi and made some Purikura at OCS (RIP!!) and they were a total mess and the funniest thing ever!


My Makeup was very casual at that day and the following weeks.

Sorry for the crappy quality~

The next day Simon and me went by train to Berlin. And guess what!? We had All-you-can-eat Sushi on our first evening there.~


Yeah. And last saturday Caro, Desi, Simon, Pummi, Jacky, Sachi and me went to Düsseldorf to give some random love and shit xD
Simon bought us flashy candyrings as symbol for our friendship. It was the cutest thing, man! 

Flashy rings and flashy Andy (NO!) haha

Today was a so called Pizza-Hut-Day with Caro and Simon. I love them! xD We are sitting at Pizza Hut all day long, talking shit and going shopping is always a super ending, isn't it?!


Me (looking normal as always xD)

The chickenbones on the table are just beautiful.


Our desserts~ with a cute little chocolate Pizza Hut-Logo on top! Yeah!

Although I had to buy some clothes~ 
AAAAAND this is. Much food, clothes and normal me. haha

See ya next time :3