Pearl Spring-Meet up 2013

Okaaa~y, long time no see! xD"
I didn't write a long time as I got not that much time and really nothing important to write about.

But finally our Pearl-Circle was able to have a meetup in Düsseldorf! We hadn't have some for a long time, but yeah.. It was important to become active again!  
Caro slept at my place and in the morning we went together to Düsseldorf, together with my boyfriend Simon~.
As you maybe know OCS will close soon and it was our last chance to make some nice Purikura. Thats why Caro and me dressed up in Ma*rs-coords as we wanted to make Ma*rs-bitchi-style Puris as we wanted to do some since a long time.

First we met Desi at the trainstation, when Mona arrived at the OCS we were that hungry that we visited the Cafe/Restaurant whatever Relax. I ordered some Iced Greentea Coffee Latte and Miso Ramen.
My foooooood <3

 Later we took some pictures, purikura and bought stuff in the supermarkets..

And this was my coordination today <3

The Best-Puri-Selection <3
 We really had bad luck with the machine.. The good one broke and we had to choose the old one -.-"

 And some camwhoring (of course!)

I didn't received the pictures from Mona, Desi and Caro yet, so maybe I can post them later!:3