FINALLY I am able to post xD (yeah, my boyfriend brought his computer here haha)

This time I want to show you some pictures from our trip to Tokyo.
 We went to Odaiba one evening and the view was beautiful!

And of course we had to go to the Capcom-restaurant!
Our food: (yeah, we ate as much as possible xDD)
 Date Masamune-Takoyaki *w*
 Sasuke Sarutobi-Tonkatsu for my beloved boyfriend
 Our Resident Evil-drinks: Hunk and some G-Virus :D
 Katakura-Noodles from Sengoku Basara for me :3
 The.best.thing.I.ever.ate! Licker brain-cake!
 Yukimura Sanada-Dangos for Simon
 When I ordered this I thought it would be some Carameldrink but wrong.. it was the strongest
Coffee ever >_<

 Everything in this restaurant was Capcom related and they had an entertaining show while the guests were eating. For every meal you ordered the stuff performed some game and character related performance! And one of the stuff girls was such a cutie! She knew that we can't speak japanese so she translated everything for us what was said in the shows.

 Gundam-Cafe and Akb48-Cafe
 thinking about where to go next >:3

AAAnd our special-highlight was.. of course the Resident Evil-Cafe! The atmosphere and the location were great. It was a bit expensive but yeah, we had go twice.^^

 This was the giant Tyrant! It was over 2,50 m huge *3*

 Delicious Arukas'98
 S.T.A.R.S-Soup :D

Our desserts *__* Simon had Leons cake and I... of course Weskers favorite Icecream xD

As you can see, we had much fun but it was not thaaat gyaru-related but whatever :D


Hey hey^^
How are you?(・ω・)ノ
I weren't able to post earlier because.. I were in Japan for 2 1/2 weeks.^^

Before my journey I ordered 3 new pairs of lenses from loveshoppingholics.com.
They had a offer and I got a pair for free.
(So 4 pairs *_*)
Buuuut my first chance to try the pink ones out was today because my beloved Caro wanted new pictures of me.. Haha

They are called EOS Adult Pink and my first pink lenses ever but I love them. :3