I am back! :3
So much happend the last week, mostly good things!
First my boyfriend and me celebrated our fifth anniversary on the 1st October.
Like each year we went to Bonn city to eat something delicious at a restaurant and to watch something called "Klangwelle".
It's a small festival which combines music with water-and lighteffects. I love it and I confessed Simon my love on this festival. So it has a big meaning for us.

 My presents from Simon <3
On friday I met some of my friends to have a drink in a bar~
but we ended up drunk!xD

Saturday Simon, my brother and me went to Tacos for our meeting with Caro and Desi.
It should have been the second Long Island Iced Tea-Party. But in the end we ordered much food and only one to two cocktails and went home early because we were tired..
So I am looking forward to have the planned evening someday!:3

On the next day Caro and Desi came to my home for watching the new Resident Evil digital movie (yeah, I really love Resident Evil!!) and Desi stayed at our house till tuesday.
And guess what.. we went to cinema yesterday to watch the Resident Evil-movie (again..) because she didn't had seen it.
The bad thing is that my hamster died on sunday.. ;;


  1. Oooh du siehst toll aus und das Kuscheltier!!
    und betrunken in ner bar ist doch normal?! xDD

    Und mein Beileid wegen deinem Hamster ._.

    1. danke >w< ich find das plüschie auch so süß xD so schön rund!
      haha jaa, aber nich so xD aber war sehr lustig :D

      danke ;;

  2. Haha du hast das Plüschie geschenkt bekommen! ♥ Ich hatte das auch inner Hand. Es ist so putzig ;;

    Das mit dem Hamster tut mir leid :(((

    1. jaaa :3 ich find sowas so süß xD außerdem passts zu resi :x wegen racoon city :x

      danke, meine arschkatze hat den bekommen, als der hamster ausgebüchst ist T_T