Heya :D

I was tagged by Caro~

At first 10 random facts about me

-I am really a perfectionist

-My love is peanut butter, donuts, cheesecake and fries ;;

-I drink 4 l water a day xD

-I hate to buy food with my parents because they buy tons of sweets when I am on a diet
-I hate coldness!

-I have to straighten my hair every day directly after I took a shower because my hair has natural        curls which are really ugly

-I am Wesker-addicted >:D

-I really REALLY hate grapefruits! (And most citrusfruits in general..)

-My hobbies are cooking, playing videogames, drawing and cleaning up

-To make fires is my favorite things in fall and winter!xD

1. Who's your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is Yumachi. From the beginning I loved her hair, makeup and her outfits!
2. Favourite place to relax?

On the one hand I like my room (especially my bed xD) and on the other hand I like a place on the Rhine near my house.
3. Favourite book/movie?

Resident evil / The Avengers
4. Do you always remember your dreams?

Most of them, but I don't like this because I have a lot of nightmares.
5. The worst feeling in the world?


6. the best feeling in the world?


7. coffee or tea?


8. When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging again at 20th August because I couldn't sleep..
9. Any pets?

i have two cats and two hamster.^^
10. favourite colour?

black, red and blue~

11. favourite season?

Summer and fall


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