Happy Halloween everyone!

I decided to do nothing for Halloween except of hanging around with some guys and my brother in Teamspeak and to dress up a little bit. I tried a new hairstyle- It went out okay but it could be better..
So be aware of camwhoring!


Heya :D

I was tagged by Caro~

At first 10 random facts about me

-I am really a perfectionist

-My love is peanut butter, donuts, cheesecake and fries ;;

-I drink 4 l water a day xD

-I hate to buy food with my parents because they buy tons of sweets when I am on a diet
-I hate coldness!

-I have to straighten my hair every day directly after I took a shower because my hair has natural        curls which are really ugly

-I am Wesker-addicted >:D

-I really REALLY hate grapefruits! (And most citrusfruits in general..)

-My hobbies are cooking, playing videogames, drawing and cleaning up

-To make fires is my favorite things in fall and winter!xD

1. Who's your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is Yumachi. From the beginning I loved her hair, makeup and her outfits!
2. Favourite place to relax?

On the one hand I like my room (especially my bed xD) and on the other hand I like a place on the Rhine near my house.
3. Favourite book/movie?

Resident evil / The Avengers
4. Do you always remember your dreams?

Most of them, but I don't like this because I have a lot of nightmares.
5. The worst feeling in the world?


6. the best feeling in the world?


7. coffee or tea?


8. When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging again at 20th August because I couldn't sleep..
9. Any pets?

i have two cats and two hamster.^^
10. favourite colour?

black, red and blue~

11. favourite season?

Summer and fall



Tonight I decided to dress up because of the boredom~ and I had to try out my new haircurler :3

Camwhoring ahead


I am back! :3
So much happend the last week, mostly good things!
First my boyfriend and me celebrated our fifth anniversary on the 1st October.
Like each year we went to Bonn city to eat something delicious at a restaurant and to watch something called "Klangwelle".
It's a small festival which combines music with water-and lighteffects. I love it and I confessed Simon my love on this festival. So it has a big meaning for us.

 My presents from Simon <3
On friday I met some of my friends to have a drink in a bar~
but we ended up drunk!xD

Saturday Simon, my brother and me went to Tacos for our meeting with Caro and Desi.
It should have been the second Long Island Iced Tea-Party. But in the end we ordered much food and only one to two cocktails and went home early because we were tired..
So I am looking forward to have the planned evening someday!:3

On the next day Caro and Desi came to my home for watching the new Resident Evil digital movie (yeah, I really love Resident Evil!!) and Desi stayed at our house till tuesday.
And guess what.. we went to cinema yesterday to watch the Resident Evil-movie (again..) because she didn't had seen it.
The bad thing is that my hamster died on sunday.. ;;