Yeah Yeah!
Today I were in Düsseldorf with Caro, Jacky and Simon.
We wanted to eat much that day so we decided to take Purikura first (Never take Purikura after meal xD Fat belly everywhere!) (Buuut my scanner is a little ass tonight so I will show them next time -.-)

Then we went to a small bakery namend "Bakery my heart" to have some yummy bakery products!

Here Simons and my lunch
and me with Caros and my dangos!

As ever we went through the supermarket and bought some food for home and sweets.
And FINALLY we ate at Takumi, the best Ramen-Restaurant in Düsseldorf!

Our food~

My Shoyu-Ramenset :3

 Jacky and me
 Simon and Caro are discussing :D
 And at last Caros and my "Hipsterpicture"