New gets!

School started again 2 weeks ago and I was very busy. (Shitty timetable btw..)
Buuut in my freetime I tried out my new lashes which I bought from ebay.
And I have to say that they are really nice and they only costed some Euros!

And I got new lenses from Caro because she couldn't wear them and so she gave them to me!<3
Thanks again! I love them!:3
They are very natural.


  1. Du hast einen Blog Q_Q
    Und ich hab ihn nur zufällig beim rumstalken entdeckt xD
    *Hit that fallow button*
    Und die Linsen sind echt super natürlich! Ich habe vorhin schon bei Instagram überlegt, ob ich fragen soll ob du überhaupt welche drin hast xD