Hey hey, long time no see! (^w^)/
I became ill and couldn't update.. even if there is nothing I have to say!;;
A few days ago I posted my first entry at daily_gyaru! (http://daily-gyaru.livejournal.com/14667.html#cutid1)

Now.. Some Inspirations!:3


Yesterday evening Simon, my brother Cri and me met Caro at the Kinopolis-Cinema to watch the new Resident Evil-Movie.
As a fan of this series I have to say that the story is really fucked up!
I kinda like the movies for the zombies, BOWs and the graphics but it really has nothing to do with the story of the games! xD
So it ended with permanent laughters about the characters like Leon who is a ugly guy with only two to three sentences in the whole movie or how small Wesker is..
Finally I can say that it was a funny time with my people like always but I couldn't take the movie serious.


Yeah Yeah!
Today I were in Düsseldorf with Caro, Jacky and Simon.
We wanted to eat much that day so we decided to take Purikura first (Never take Purikura after meal xD Fat belly everywhere!) (Buuut my scanner is a little ass tonight so I will show them next time -.-)

Then we went to a small bakery namend "Bakery my heart" to have some yummy bakery products!

Here Simons and my lunch
and me with Caros and my dangos!

As ever we went through the supermarket and bought some food for home and sweets.
And FINALLY we ate at Takumi, the best Ramen-Restaurant in Düsseldorf!

Our food~

My Shoyu-Ramenset :3

 Jacky and me
 Simon and Caro are discussing :D
 And at last Caros and my "Hipsterpicture"


Yay! Today i received my black wig and it's so beautiful!
Its quality is nice and it looks quite natural, so I'm glad to made the right choice to buy it!
Beware of picspam xD:

Tomorrow I'll meet Jacky and Caro in Düsseldorf. We are going to eat at Takumi and take some Purikura~! I'm looking forward to it!:3


Yesterday was a Caro-Andy-Day.
Means, I met Caro in the city. We went shopping and ate something at Makiman, a japanese restaurant. Also Caro got her new Ma*rs-bag.

It was really funny and we talked a
lot about almost everything!:3
(I'm so happy to have her as a friend!)


Today the magazines EGG and Popteen arrived (^w^)!
The outfitposts were very motivating for me to get new clothings and I want to try a few tutorials tomorrow. (Improvement, improvement...!>:3)

Aaand finally i got my lower lashes from ebay! <3 I saw them on Mona and I loved them so I decided to buy them!I didn't try them on but I will tomorrow!

In addition I started my diet. I really have to loose some weight! ´__` Wish me luck!


New gets!

School started again 2 weeks ago and I was very busy. (Shitty timetable btw..)
Buuut in my freetime I tried out my new lashes which I bought from ebay.
And I have to say that they are really nice and they only costed some Euros!

And I got new lenses from Caro because she couldn't wear them and so she gave them to me!<3
Thanks again! I love them!:3
They are very natural.